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BLACKMEANS Cowhide Knuckleduster Lighter Case as found on Nuji

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Nothing beats the real thing. Hand lettering as provided by Jon Contino, NY. More here

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Taka Hayashi x Vans

Was just out in California on a short sabadical (11days to be exact) escaping the doldrums of an east coast winter. I flew Virgin Atlantic (separate post to follow, that limey Branson just made my list) for the first time. Virgin on Virgin XXX. Anyhow…back now but not without a souvenir. Taka Hayashi Edition Vans Skate Highs, guaranteed to keep me cruising all winter. Shakazzz.

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Ever wonder what Fracking is and what it involves? Now thanks to Linda Dong we have a nicely illustrated scrolling website to help explain the process and it’s possible dangers.

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