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Yung Jake is in full control…

Yung Jake is connected and in a mass kind of way…Just push play and get



You know that feeling you get when you wake up from a 3day nap in the middle of the day on a dusty couch in an empty apartment that doesn’t belong to you in some city that isn’t your own but is just as loud and over run and full of noise and debris and particles of people going nowhere in a hurry? It would be worth your while to take hold of this haze and keep it with you forever. Duane Pitre’s freshly minted album “Feel Free” on Important Records will help you keep it there…in that tiny space in between dimensions where no one can see you except for the animals and the plants and the trees and the wagon…Also available now from Alien Workshop is the limited edition deck celebrating the release. Visuals aptly provided by Greg Hunt.

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