Nothing beats the real thing. Hand lettering as provided by Jon Contino, NY. More here

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More signs of Spring

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Supreme S/S12 offerings available this Weds. online and in stores

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Signs Of Spring

Smith & Butler 225 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

Smith+Butler  in Caroll Gardens, Brooklyn is now hosting a 250 square foot pop up shop featuring a full range of Levis Made&Crafted apparel and accessories for spring. S+B opened it’s doors in 2008 and has since been a purveyor of finely crafted, utility fashion, home goods, and relic accessories. Pop up goes down at the end of summer.

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Taka Hayashi x Vans

Was just out in California on a short sabadical (11days to be exact) escaping the doldrums of an east coast winter. I flew Virgin Atlantic (separate post to follow, that limey Branson just made my list) for the first time. Virgin on Virgin XXX. Anyhow…back now but not without a souvenir. Taka Hayashi Edition Vans Skate Highs, guaranteed to keep me cruising all winter. Shakazzz.

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No Comply

Ray Barbee in Ban This circa 1989 a full two years before Nirvana releases ” Smells Like Teen Spirit”. What’s the significance? Nothing, just a time marker for what was down the road I guess. Two thoughts prevail as I sit and watch this amazing part. 1) Ray Barbee has style for miles and 2) Interesting to think about the model of how information is disseminated  in modern times compared to back before internet. I’m mainly speaking about the lengths one had to go to be informed about specific topics. I can remember seeing this part and the entire Ban This video at my friend Sam’s house one Saturday morning months after it had already been out circulating. It took awhile to get from Los Angeles to San Diego and if you were on the East Coast or worst yet overseas it would have been a half  year before you set eyes on it.

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Ever wonder what Fracking is and what it involves? Now thanks to Linda Dong we have a nicely illustrated scrolling website to help explain the process and it’s possible dangers.

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